Newsboard – 30/01/2022


Fr. Vinod Kurian     Fr. Oliver Stansfield

Parish Website:  Facebook Page:  Faughart Parish Phone: 0429334410

WEEKLY ENVELOPES:  Your contribution last week towards the upkeep of our Parish:  Kilcurry: €509.00 Brid-a-Chrin: €257.68 Faughart: €377.50 Castletown: €405.27 Non-Envelope: €420.00


Due to the Restrictions being lifted we are able to have the Candle Light Procession on St. Brigid’s Day, Tuesday evening starting at 8pm – Faughart Cemetery.  Please wrap up well and bring your candle.


Sunday 30th January 7.30pm – Fr. Dasan

Monday 31st January 7.30pm – Fr. Emlyn Mc Ginn

St. Brigid’s Day Tuesday 1st February – Kilcurry at 11am Fr. Brian Mac RAOIS.

FIRST FRIDAY CALLS: Next Friday, if you would like a visit please contact one of the Priest’s after mass or phone the Parochial House.

WELCOME INTO OUR CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Lucas Kinney who was baptised last weekend.

MARY’S SUPREME APOSTOLATE: Mass of Healing and Comfort for everyone but especially for those who have lost loved ones by suicide and for those who are suicidal in St. Joseph’s Church, Castletown at 6.00pm on Friday 4th February.

HOLY HOUR:  Every Wednesday from 3.00p.m to 4.00 p.m. at Faughart Shrine.

SVDP COLLECTION: At all churches 5th and 6th February. Please give what you can.

Donation Appeal:  We hope you will consider continuing to support Faughart Parish at this time of crisis.  We are cutting costs where appropriate but it would be of immense help if you would consider supporting the parish by direct debit.  Bank Account name:  Faughart Parochial Account.  IBAN: IE39 BOFI 90933 6516 2023 01.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  The parish needs new volunteers to join the group which help with the typing of the news board weekly, on a rota basis.  Anyone interested please contact the parochial house.

REACH OUT TO PEOPLE WHO ARE GRIEVING: On Behalf to the HSE: December/January can be a difficult time for people who have experienced loss, and there launched the campaign on social media only, we now intend to intensify messaging and increase awareness by the development of a radio ad in partnership with the IHF and press advertising. We will be focusing on communicating our core messaging and directing people to website and the availability of the National Bereavement Support line.


Sunday 11.00 a.m.


Hugh Mullen (MM) Tom Begley, Kathleen Payne; Moira Murphy; Owen Joe Woods (Anni) John Goss and Turlough Goss; Joseph Stewart (1st anni)
Tues St Brigid’s Day 11.00a.m Elizabeth Reilly
Saturday 10.30a.m  
Sunday 11.00a.m Eileen Mc Gee (1st Anni) Special Intention; James and Brigit Mc Donald and Deceased Family Members.  Aiden Mcbride.  John and May McArdle.
Sunday 10.00 a.m. Paddy and Eileen Lennon and Deceased Family Members; Peter Mc Shane; Patrick Mc Ardle, John and Paddy Callan.
Friday  7.30 p.m.  
Sunday 10.00 a.m.  
Saturday  6.00pm Frank, Margaret and Gerard Louth. Anne and Michael Morton.
Sunday 12 noon Oliver Hodgers (Anni).  Kathleen Gorman.  Robert Menary.
Monday  7.00 p.m.  
Tuesday 10.00 a.m.  
Wednesday 10.00 a.m.  
Thursday 10.00 a.m.  
Friday 10.00 a.m.  
Saturday 6.00 p.m. Anne Mee (2nd Anni).  Deceased members of Harrison Family.  Olive Morton and Una Younger.
 Sunday 12 noon Pat and Rose Brennan.  Michael Bent.  Bridie McGivern.  Anne Finnegan.
Saturday   7.30 p.m.  
Next Saturday   7.30 p.m.